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Women In BFC

The women in Bikers For Christ Motorcycle Ministry (BFC MM) are full and equal partners in the ministry. Whether they are behind the scenes praying for those on the front lines of ministry or riding side by side, sharing the gospel. God’s plan is that men and women are equal partners in ministry.

Each Christian is individually gifted by the Holy Spirit for the work God has called that person to do. No two Christians are the same, but all are equal in God’s eyes. Whatever his or her role and purpose in God’s Kingdom, each Christian is vital to the mission of bringing the Gospel message to the world.

Whether their service is visible or behind the scenes, BFC MM equally values the ministerial efforts of both the men and women who wear the BFC MM patch.

Becky Garino

My name is Becky Garino, and I live in Southern Oregon. My husband, Don, and I have been Bikers For Christ Motorcycle Ministry members since 2002, but we have been actively involved in motorcycle ministry since 1986. For me, this ministry is a combination of calling, passion, and lifestyle.

I have been around motorcycles and bikers since my late teens and have always loved being in the wind. As part of the 60s generation and all that entailed, my husband and I began following Jesus in 1975. After several years of not having a bike while raising our family, we began riding again in 1985. It was then we were introduced to the idea of Christian bikers and motorcycle ministry which was pretty new. There weren t many of us around back then.

The common thread in evangelistic ministry is earning the right to speak into someone s life.” We do that by sharing and caring, being genuinely friendly, and openly accepting of anyone we meet. As bikers we have the opportunity to travel, attend lots of events, and meet other riders from all over the country and sometimes the world. As a woman who has ridden her own bike since 1987, I love both the challenges and opportunities that brings. At a large weekend party run a woman I knew said to me, You don t drink, you don t party, why do you come here?” My answer as I put my arm around her was, ”because I love you.”  We remain friends today, and when her mother was recently diagnosed with terminal cancer, we were called to come and pray for her. That s only one example of the many times God has opened the door to meet a need.

Women in the motorcycling world, like all women, share common interests and face common challenges. And who knows better the heart and the needs of a woman than another woman. By reaching out and making the opportunity, we can always find something to talk about, and most importantly be available to pray about. Being part of the Bikers For Christ family and ministry gives us opportunities to ride beautiful, fast motorcycles and wear copious amounts of jewelry while serving Jesus. And we know women love beautiful bikes and jewelry!

Lisa Larson

My journey with Bikers For Christ actually began when a Harley-Davidson employee with a BFC patch on his back stopped to help a couple in my mother’s riding group start their motorcycle. Months later, I shared with a friend that I was having trouble finding a fellowship group, and being aware of my mother’s experience, she suggested Bikers For Christ. I found BFC’s website and contacted the elder of the chapter in my area. Within the hour I had a response, and the rest, as they say, is history.

BFC has been such a blessing to me.  I have had the honor to ride for our Lord and glorify his name at the side of hospital beds while families watched their loved ones pass, at toy runs and fundraisers for the less fortunate in our communities, and at motorcycle clubs where we show the love and beauty of Christ in our lives to those searching for a better way.  

BFC has given me a spiritual family that I can depend on for help and prayers when I am in need, and I have the joy and honor of helping them when they need it too. My BFC family encouraged and prayed for me while I was single, stressed, and suffering from chronic pain.  They renewed my hope and modeled what a pure and blessed life in Christ looks like.  Today I am married, I work from home, and I am pain free!  The strong testimonies and prayers of the members here in Phoenix have surely changed my life. I can’t imagine my life without my brothers and sisters.  All praise honor and glory to our King Jesus Christ!  Let’s Ride!

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