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BFC National Elder Biographies

Pastor Z.
Founder & Intl. “P”
Rushing Wind Ministries Board Member

BFC Founder and International Pastor Fred Zariczny (Pastor Z) seeks to give glory to God in all that he does, but it wasn’t always that way. As a young man, he led a rough and tumbled life as an outlaw biker but in 1977 he became a Born-Again, Spirit filled Christian. He attended Bible College and served as an intern in multiple churches.  He was ordained as a Senior Pastor and an Evangelist in 1990 by Pastor Chuck Smith, founder of the Calvary Chapel Movement, and that same year he founded Bikers for Christ (BFC).

Pastor Z married his beautiful wife Esther in 2002. He and Esther collectively have 7 children, 13 grandchildren, and a great-granddaughter. In 2003 he started Rushing Wind Ministries (RWM).  As a Biker Evangelist, Navy veteran, and patriot, Pastor Z speaks at rallies, events, and churches all over the USA and in other countries. Bikers for Christ now has members in 50 states and 24 countries along with many Rushing Wind Churches across the USA and overseas.

God has opened many incredible doors of opportunity for Pastor Z to share his faith through his testimony Rebel With A Cause”.  A gifted musician and evangelist, Pastor Z plays bass guitar in the BFC Full Throttle Band. He has also appeared on television shows and in many news publications over the years.  He counts many actors, actresses as well as rock, soul, and country music artists as friends. It’s truly a story of God s grace and redemption. As a lifelong biker who has owned more than 30 motorcycles, Pastor Z understands biker culture and is thankful that God has opened many doors for him to share his faith with his friends in both motorcycle clubs and in the independent motorcycle world.

Beloved by BFC members and supporters around the world, Pastor Z lives each day to serve the Lord and the BFC members with all of his heart in order that the ministries of BFC and RWM will continue to keep it Full Throttle for Jesus” until our Lord returns.

Roy Bennett
National Elder

Pastor Roy Bennett and his wife, Ruth, were married on September 14, 1973. They have two children and five grandchildren. Pastor Roy and Ruth have been involved with the church and ministry for 47 years. They have served in street ministry, youth ministry, teaching, prison ministry, and have served as a local pastor for 12 years and now presently pastoring an outreach church. In 2002 The Holy Spirit led Pastor Roy into a new avenue of ministry and that was the biker world. The Holy Spirit placed a burden and desire in his heart to reach out to this unique community of people to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. In August of 2002 The Holy Spirit led Pastor Roy to Bikers For Christ Motorcycle Ministry and the new journey began. It is one of the greatest opportunities in the world to share the road, the wind and the Gospel. Today Pastor Roy is still pastoring a local church, serves as a National Elder in the BFC Ministry and his local chapter and reaching out to whomever and wherever God leads in his home area of southern Ohio and any surrounding areas.

Joey “Chief” Collins
International Liaison

Joey “Chief” Collins is the International Liaison and Chapter Elder of Central Virginia Bikers For Christ.  As an ordained minister of Rushing Winds, Chief travels frequently to churches, clubs, and other places to preach the Gospel in revival and teach in conferences.  Chief and his wife of 31 years enjoy their growing family of sons, daughter-in-laws, and grandsons.  He enjoys working on Harleys and some hobby woodworking.  He is a retired Army Chief Warrant Officer which is where his name comes from.  

Joe “Smokin Joe” Drake
National Elder

Joe has been married to his beautiful wife Valerie for 34 years. Joe has been a member of Bikers For Christ for 20 plus years now. He has served as a local chapter elder, moved on to the Tennessee state elder position and the to service as the SE Regional Elder for 7 years. Joe is the Middle Tenn. Chaplin for the Confederation of Clubs and has spent a number of years working not only with the 1% community but also with the marginalized of society. Addicts, homeless and the down trodden.

Joe is an ordained elder in the Church of the Nazarene and pastors Bethel Church of the Nazarene in Nashville TN. Joe serves as a National Elder for Bikers For Christ as well as a council member for Nazarene Motorcycle Fellowship for the global church.

Joe and Val have one daughter, Devin, who is a dedicated 7 grade El and advanced English teacher.

Rick "Just Rick" Eckhardt
National Elder

Just Rick grew up in Orange County Ca. His Folks attended the 1st Baptist Church in Garden Grove, his mom 96 years of her life, and Dad at 98 is still attending. At 13, the rebelliousness of our culture took over, and the only thing that saved Rick from an early demise, was the hand of the Lord, knowing he would return to Him.

At 24, Rick & his buddy drove to Redding Ca. to look up their old youth Pastor, wanting to leave their destructive lifestyles. One week later, they quit their jobs, threw all their belongings into a Chevy truck and a Camaro, and attended “Little Country Church “, Palo Cedro, in neighboring Redding.

Several years later Rick moved to Reno, with the same Pastor, his family, and close friends, to start a Calvary Chapel. Not too long after that, he saved up to get off the Metrics, and buy a Harley. Rick said he always had a longing to be part of the Biker comradery. In 1987 Rick met members of His Royal Priesthood, (which his future wife Michell aka “Mitch” was already a member, (very rare for that time period), and prospected to become a Patch Holder. A year later, they were married and have enjoyed serving the Biker Community for 36 years.

In 1997 the Nor-Nev COC was founded, and Rick was appointed Treasurer, 2 years later voted in as Vice Chairmen. In the 21 years of serving our COC, it is hard to convey how much I love our Membership, and the joy it has brought, being accessible to share the love of Christ, or pray for them or their family members. Some of the bonds I have with longtime COC Members can never be exceeded. It has an honor representing our Lord thru Bikers for Christ M/M, along with the comradery of our local Charter Members, Leadership and Members across this Nation.

Tim Fontaine
National Elder

Fred Gorini
National Elder

Fred Gorini and his wife Phyllis have enjoyed 45 years of covenant marriage. They have pastored in full time ministry for 37 years. Fred had a life changing encounter with the Lord Jesus Christ in 1974. At that time he was a Viet Nam combat veteran struggling with PTSD, a long time drug abuser, an iron worker and hard core biker. After his life changing experience, Fred answered the call of God upon his life, and along with his wife, has spent the last 4 decades sharing their story with everyone they have come in contact with. Together they have been privileged to share what the Bible calls “the greatest news ever announced” all across the United States and in many nations in South America, Asia and Africa. Today, Fred remains fully active in the biker world. He continues to serve as a national elder in the BFC ministry, reaching out and into the biker sub culture as well as continuing with his other ministerial duties. Fred and his family reside in the Daytona Beach, Florida area.

Mark Hollowell
National Elder

Pastor Mark Hollowell has been a Bikers For Christ member since 2003 and is one of the founding members of Rushing Wind Ministries.  He moved to California from Michigan to serve and assist in Bikers For Christ Headquarters operations in Oceanside.   In addition to serving as a National Elder in Bikers For Christ, Pastor Mark also serves as a Rushing Wind Ministries Board member, Bozeman Montana Chapter Elder, as well as Chaplain and Biblical Counselor to inmates in Montana State Prison and Gallatin County Detention Center.

Doug “Longway” Madeley
National Elder

Doug “Longway” Madeley and his wife, Kimberly, have been BFC members for 13 years. Kim has supported Longway as he served as a Chapter, State, Regional, and now, National Elder. Longway oversees BFC administration, including managing merchandise sales, ministry financials as well as being responsible for updating BFC policies and procedures and for elder training. Retired after a career of 37 years that saw Longway as VP of Operations for the companies he worked for, he now is a Rushing Wind licensed minister and rides 18,000 – 20,000 miles a year attending BFC events, rallies, and chapter meetings. When not on the road for BFC, Longway leads Bible studies, seminars on witnessing and sharing your faith, and leadership training. When he relaxes, it’s often while playing his mandolin.

Joseph “Gunzz” Nunley
National Chaplain

Joseph “Gunzz” Nunley has been in motorcycle ministry since 2015 and a member of Bikers For Christ M/M (BFC) since 2017. Prior to joining BFC, he served honorably in the U.S. Navy, during which time he gave his life to Christ. Upon discharge, Gunzz earned a bachelor’s degree in biblical studies and a Master of Divinity degree from Grand Canyon University. He also has a Master of Theology in Christian Apologetics from Liberty University and is currently working on a Ph.D. in History. He currently lives with his wife Katy in Orlando, Florida, where they both serve remotely as counselors for Grand Canyon University and attend Mosaic Church.

Since becoming a member of BFC, Gunzz has served as the elder for the Phoenix Chapter and began training in hospital chaplaincy. He later became the state elder for Arizona, but stepped away from that role in 2021 to become the BFC state chaplain for Arizona. In 2022, Pastor Z appointed Gunzz as BFC’s first national chaplain.

Gunzz saw a need for spiritual care within the BFC ministry and will work to establish a network of BFC chaplains to provide it.

Pastor Bruce Pollock
National Elder

Pastor Bruce Pollock and his wife Ronda have been married since 1995 and have been members of Bikers for Christ since 2002 starting in Michigan, then out West for a number of years and currently back in Michigan. Bruce has served as Chapter, State, Regional and currently as National Elder in Bikers for Christ.  He pastored two Rushing Wind Churches out West, one in Las Vegas and one in Arizona.  He also served as Assistant Pastor at Headquarters in California.  He is currently serving as Pastor of Rushing Wind Ministries, Detroit where family is located.  He and Ronda have 4 children, 6 grandchildren and one great grandchild.

Dennis Reynolds
National Elder
Mideast Regional Elder

Dennis has been a member of Bikers for Christ since 2007. During that time, he has served as a Chapter, State, and Regional Elder. Having been involved with motorcycles since he was eight years old, Dennis is driven to minister to the motorcycling community.

Dennis grew up in the small town of Ninety-Six, SC where he and his brothers enjoyed riding both dirt and street bikes, go carts, and driving fast cars. In 1985, he and his brother John raised their hands and enlisted in the U.S. Army where they both initially served as generator mechanics. Upon leaving the Army, Dennis joined the National Guard where he retired in 2014 as the Senior NCO over the SCARNG Chaplain Corps. He earned many awards and commendations during his service.

An ordained Southern Baptist Minister, Dennis conducts revivals and is often a guest speaker at churches in his community. Since his retirement from service Dennis has been involved with the SCARNG Post Deployment Seminar Program and Faith Home Christian Addiction Recovery, where he has worked with those struggling with combat related disorders and addiction.

Dennis is married to the former Donna Deloach, also of Ninety-Six SC. Together they have three children and two grandchildren.

Paul “Geezer” Wilms
National Elder/National Secretary

Paul grew up on the great plains of northwestern Iowa. One year after his high school graduation, he married Marguerite, a girl from Northern Ireland who had been the foreign exchange student to his high school during his senior year. Paul is a licensed professional geologist with degrees in both geology and civil engineering. After serving as an artillery officer in the Marines, Paul and Marguerite settled in North Carolina, raising two children from whom they have been blessed with eight grandchildren and two great-grandsons. Paul has taught expository Bible classes and Christian apologetics for more than forty years and was ordained as a Minister of the Gospel by Rushing Wind Outreach Ministries in September 2007. As a member of Bikers for Christ MM, Paul has served as a Chapter Elder, State Elder, Regional Elder, and International Liaison, and now serves as a National Elder and National Secretary.

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