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Bikers For Christ Motorcycle Ministry (BFC MM) was founded in August 1990 in Marysville, California by Pastor Fred Zariczny (aka, Pastor Z) under the conviction that it should be conducted under the church in order to be biblically accountable.

Pastor Z was associated with non-Christian motorcycle clubs in Massachusetts, Arizona, and Alaska before coming to Christ in 1977. After his conversion, he put aside his bike for a while as he entered Bible college, got married and started a family. Two years later, in 1979, God opened the doors for Pastor Z to pick up another motorcycle which he used to start or help start at least four active motorcycle ministries. He was a member of Christ's Motor Club in southern California in the early eighties, and was also the Alaska state president of the I.C.B.A. (International Christian Biker Association) for four years. Pastor Z has also served as president of the California Chapter of Christ’s Disciples.  He was licensed and ordained by Pastor Chuck Smith in 1990.  He planted a Calvary Chapel Outreach Church in Northern California, and served as the senior pastor of that church in Northern California during the 90's.

Being involved in Christian motorcycle clubs and ministries for many years, he decided to start a new outreach ministry simply called; “Bikers For Christ Motorcycle Ministry”, a ministry carefully designed to be different than most motorcycle clubs and ministries.

BFC MM is a unique motorcycle ministry. It is an international, interdenominational ministry. BFC Leaders are called: Chapter, State, Regional, or National Elders.  Elders are Servants - Called to Serve the Body of Christ.

Promotion of BFC in the first years occurred by word-of-mouth and by way of Pastor Z’s many travels on his bike, along with other dedicated members, to plant chapters. Even today, word-of-mouth seems to be the primary method of finding servants willing to minister as a part of BFC MM. Over the years, BFC has grown with chapters in nearly all the states and in many foreign countries. At the same time Pastor Z established Rushing Wind Ministries Churches in seven states.

Staying true to our original purpose, each BFC MM chapter operates under an elder and the local church. State and Regional Elders help guide the conduct of BFC MM ministry activities and a small group of National Elders help Pastor Z formulate policy and guide the conduct of the ministry.

It is the goal of the BFC MM to continue to spread the Gospel to members of the biker community and others, minister to those in need wherever they are found, and provide spiritual help and services where we can.

Bikers For Christ M/M
PO Box 4974
Oceanside, CA 92052

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