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Support Crew

Support Crew Members also know as Supporters, are part of the Bikers For Christ Motorcycle Ministry (BFC MM) family and are loved, respected, and appreciated. BFC MM values their contribution and service to the Lord.

Why Become a Supporter
Supporters serve alongside Members, attending events and going where the Lord leads, proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ. As a Supporter you’re not alone, you’re part of the BFC MM family with many brothers and sisters loving and supporting you. It’s exciting being a Supporter because you never know who you will meet and bless.

Prayer is an essential contribution to the ministry. As a Supporter, you pray for Members, Chapter Elders, Regional Elders, National Elders, and others in their time of need.

Being a Supporter broadens your opportunities to fulfill the great commission given in Matthew 28:19, “Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and Holy Spirit.” (NIV)

Supporter Or Member
The requirements for becoming a Supporter or Full Patch Member are different. Members are required to have and ride a motorcycle, attend member meetings, and attend events.

For those called to motorcycle ministry but can’t make the time commitment to become a Member or don’t have a motorcycle, being a Supporter is a splendid opportunity for ministry.

Supporters earn their Support Crew patch by being faithful to their chapter, members, and doing ministry as you can. BFC also has Support Crew shirts, hats, and other items for Support Crew Members.

What’s Expected
Support Crew Members attend chapter meetings and events when they can. You don’t have to be at all meetings or events but staying plugged in keeps you informed and growing as a Supporter. Remember prayer is an essential part of being a Supporter.

Supporters wear the Support Crew Patch and shirts to show support for BFC MM ministry activities and in honor of Jesus our Savior.

Bikers For Christ M/M
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