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All merchandise with the BFC logo can only be purchased and worn by BFC members in good standing.

Add your Chapter and Elder name to the "information box to seller" on the invoice.

Men's BFC Belt Buckle

"Men's BFC Belt Buckle" - Silver Plated Cast Pewter. Beautiful Chrome type finish. Very detailed. Lifetime warranty on everything - the Silver Plating, the belt buckle hasp and pin, etc! Must see to appreciate the quality. 4 1/2 in. Wide by 3 1/2 inches high... with a curved back for comfort. $100.00 plus $10.00 U.S. shipping, overseas is additional.

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Contact for more information.

BFC Initial Ring

Men's BFC initials ring.

Solid silver


$85.00 (size 9 - 14)
$95.00 (size 16 - 20) plus shipping and handling

Ring Sizes
Chapter and Elder







Key Chain

BFC Handmade Keychains
$25.00 each plus shipping.

Coming Soon!

Ladies Boot Bling

Ladies : BFC Bike Bling for your Boots"
$ 30.00

Chapter and Elder

Solid Silver Swords

View Neck Swords

View Men's Sword Pin

Solid Silver Swords with 777 engraved in the blade
High quality craftsmanship

Smaller (ladies): $50.00
Larger (mens): $65.00

Member's Chapter and Elder

Silver Member Rings


Men's BFC Logo Silver Rings
$85.00 (size 9 - 14)
$100.00 (size 15 - 18)

Chapter and Elder

We can also provide "solid gold" rings (in 10 carat or 14 carat) - email us at: for pricing - include your ring size.

Ladies Rings


Here ya go girls: Ladies BFC rings
$75.00 (size 5 - 8)
$85.00 (size 9 - 12)

Chapter & Elder

Silver Member Pendants/Pins

This piece can either be used as a pendant or a pin. You can hang it on a chain, or as a very nice pin for your vest. similar to Club Officer's pins

*** Very important info*** If you use this as a pin - be sure to sew the top loop (on the back) securely to your vest (in case the pin latch breaks or comes loose). You'd hate to loose this pin blowin' down the highway...$95.00

Chapter and Elder

Ladies Pendants/Pins

BFC Ladies member silver pins...  very clean detail
***  (if used as a pin, please sew the top loop securely to your vest, in case the pin breaks or lets go - we'd hate to see you lose it down the highway)...$80.00

Chapter & Elder

Wallet Braids

777 Pendant

777 Pendant

US: $100.00

INTL: $100.00

"777" Trinity Design by Mark Chamness (


Price does not include shipping. Only Insurance.

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