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The greatest News is that we, through Jesus Christ, can receive salvation.

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Rushing Wind Ministries

The Lord has opened the door for RW - to have more churches around the world that have been modeled after RW HQ. Here's a link to our other Rushing Wind Biker Churches... "

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Bikers for Christ Motorcycle Ministry

Below are some links to teachings by Pastor Z. Enjoy!

Pastor Z's Testimony

Hear how God took a life headed for a wall and transformed him.


Last Days Part 1

Last Days Part 2

Last Days Part 3


Ever wonder why the world seems to be spinning out of control?


Bike Blessing at Mt. Soledad Part 1

Bike Blessing at Mt. Soledad Part 2

Bike Blessing at Mt. Soledad Part 3


One of our recent Bike Blessings.


BFC 20th Anniversary Part 1

BFC 20th Anniversary Part 2

BFC 20th Anniversary Part 3

BFC 20th Anniversary Part 4


Help us celebrate 20 years of serving God and the MC community


Are You Ready? Part 1

Are You Ready? Part 2

Are You Ready? Part 3

Are You Ready? Part 4


What does the Bible say about the end of the age, and the coming Rapture?


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