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Check OUT BFC VIDEOs and music by various artists

Bikers for Christ - Pastor Z's testimony on LA Ink 2008

Rushing Wind Ministries & BFC - Biker Church

Bikers For Christ riding to the Mt. Soledad Cross   

Pastor Z. preaching at Mt. Soledad

BFC on TBN 2007 pt. 1 (You can watch the others parts)

A real Biker Baptism in Oceanside, California 2014

BFC on the Devils Ride TV show with the very evangelistic "BFC Downed Bikers Fund" - Reaching out to some of the world's unreachables 2013

BFC Pastor Z. on the Jerry Springer show BFC FULL THROTTLE BAND videos at different venues...

Goin' Down to the Water The Full Throttle Band original HOLLISTER RALLY

Needle and the Spoon The Full Throttle Band (Lynyrd Skynyrd cover) HOLLISTER RALLY

The Mission The Full Throttle Band LONESTAR RALLY in Galveston, Texas

Voodoo Child Revisited The Full Throttle Band (Jimi Hendrix cover). at the - Live Ride

Rise (Mp3) Eric Turner Band - Lead Singer & Lead Guitarist for the BFC Full Throttle Band

Soldiers of Thunder (Mp3) Eric Turner Band - Lead Singer & Lead Guitarist for the BFC Full Throttle Band

Thunder & Lightning (Mp3) Darrell Mansfield with Eric Turner on Lead Guitar original

Born to be Wild The BFC Full Throttle Band HOLLISTER RALLY

Johnny B. Good The BFC Full Throttle Band. HOLLISTER RALLY

Wheels The Full Throttle Band (with Debbie back-up) original HOLLISTER shot at Johnny's Bar

People Get Ready The Full Throttle Band At Rushing Wind Church


Bike Blessing 2012

American Vets Traveling Tribute "The Wall"

TBn Link of the Dec. 17th, 2009 BFC Interview

***once the site opens, click on December 17th, 2009 - and you can watch the program.***

Carrollton Canton Chapter BFC in Ohio

Pastor Z's Interview on "American Family Radio" Feb. 26, 2009

TBN's Link of the first BFC Interview

TBN's Link of the Dec. 4, 2007 BFC Interview

Rebels with a Cause

BFC Photoshop Tour on You Tube

Oceanside-6th annual bike blessing

Oceanside-6th annual bike blessing with Kevin

Hollister 2007 Bike Blessing

BfC hosts CMA @ Rushing wind

Bikers for Christ-Biker Church

BFC 07' Bike Blessing

Biker for Christ-MTV visit

we have new youtubes now... check them out when you get a chance... youtube - search: Bikers for Christ

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